The Army is an important component of the Military.

Game Description Edit

Your army consists of ground troops that can defend your nation or invade another. Every army also requires adequate supply vehicles to transport supplies. A balance of different units is important, for example, an armour-only army will likely be devastated in an urban environment by infantry.

Infantry Edit

These are the current infantry units, which operate out of an Infantry Division HQ.


Sniper Infantry

Anti Tank Infantry

Mortar Infantry

Vehicles Edit

These are the current vehicle units, which operate out of a Mechanised Division HQ.

Armoured Jeep

Armoured Personnel Carrier

Howitzer and Halftrack

Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Armour Edit

These are the current armour units, which operate out of an Armour Division HQ.

Light Tank

Self Propelled Artillery

Main Battle Tank

Attack Helicopter

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