Empire of Odessa
Defunct - early 2012
New Odessa Flag

Official flag of the Empire of Odessa
Odessa Motto: Strength, Unity, Prosperity.
Founder(s) SirTy
Emperor SirTy
International relations Guardian (allied/protectorate)

As of early 2012
Total Nations Unspecified; around 20
Strength Unknown

Odessa was an alliance in the online nation-simulator game, Project Terra. It has now disbanded.


3rd Charter of Odessa.

Early History

Plans for the creation of an alliance by SirTy began in mid-2010 on Cyber Nations. SirTy formed the United Sovereign Federation. With the history of the USF in a nut-shell, it was a major failure. SirTy disbanded the alliance calling it a quits on Cyber Nations for good at the end of 2010. He kept in touch with the Economic Minister of the United Sovereign Federation, known as LongCuttroll on Cyber Nations, The Guardian. Once again, SirTy wanted to successfully re-found his own alliance around March of 2011. SirTy rejoined Cyber Nations with the alliance Valhalla. SirTy gained experienced in general leadership, foreign affairs, and military affairs with Valhalla. Several months later, about July of 2011, SirTy and The Guardian began their plans to create the alliance Odessa. While preforming as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Valhalla, SirTy came across the mention of a new game called Project Terra. That day, he registered on Project Terra. The date, August 1st, 2011. With the plans of Odessa previously ready to be implemented in Cyber Nations, Odessa was officially formed that day.

The Name Odessa

As a huge history-buff, SirTy often watches educational shows on television. One day in early-2011, SirTy was watching the History Channel. A show was broadcasting about an organization created to get important Nazi SS officers out of Europe to South America, O.D.E.S.S.A. During this time period, SirTy had been pondering what he would name his future alliance. SirTy immediately took attention to the name Odessa and decided that is what he would name his future alliance. The name Odessa was not chosen to be the name of SirTy's alliance for any reason relating to the O.D.E.S.S.A. organization. Odessa is a town in present-day Odessa, Ukraine. He decided the name Odessa would be a great name for his future alliance.

Final months

With a small activity rate, Odessa eventually disbanded. Currently there plans to reinstate the alliance, however no official has been taken yet.

The Last Announcement of the Empire of Odessa.