Energy is a vital part of your nation.

Game Description Edit

Ensuring there is adequate power supplies to your nation's population and industry is vital, the energy used by each citizen increases as your nation becomes more advanced and energy-intensive technologies become widespread.

Basic Power Plants Edit

These are the power plants available that do not require research:

Coal Power Station

Gas Power Station

Oil Power Plant

Advanced Power Plants Edit

These are the available power plants that require research in order to purchase:

Solar Plant

Wind Turbine

Hydro Electric Power Station

Nuclear Power Station

Management Edit

From the Energy page, you are given four rows of information:

Energy Consumption per capita: This indicates how many watts each individual citizen is using. Useful for judging the impact that energy conservation legislation may have on your population.

Energy Consumption: The total wattage your nation uses per day.

Energy Generated: The total wattage your power plants output per day. Ideally this number should be higher than your daily energy consumption.

Surplus/Deficit: If this is a positive number, it's the surplus power your nation generates on a daily basis. If it's a negative number, it's the amount of power your nation requires but isn't receiving.

Fuel Edit

The basic power plants require fuel in order to operate, such as coal, oil, or natural gas. You can allocate fuel to your power plants under the Logistics panel. The advanced power plants run on renewable resources, such as wind, water, nuclear, and solar. These power plants do not require refueling, but have fairly high costs.

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