Unknown - Presumed to be inactive

Official Flag of Sapphire
Sapphire Motto: Do you know the real Harlow?
Founder(s) Unknown; presumably Harlow
Founded February 19th, 2012
Protector Prodige & SpeedFox

Minister of Defense - Telomee

Minister of Economic Affairs - THORSGOD

Minister of Foreign Affairs - MindlessIdiots

As of Early 2012
Total Nations Unspecified; over 50
Strength Unknown
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Sapphire is an alliance that was formed in the popular forum Bungie. Its current status is unknown.

History Edit

Sapphire reached the top 5 alliances without posting any sort of DoE, eventually, one was posted, charter included.

Sapphire was mainly a reclusive alliance, and didn't had too much foreign relations. As soon as they revealed that they wouldn't have a PT-only board, many community members and alliances started a series of attacks against the alliance.

After weeks of turbulent debates and attacks, Sapphire left the foreign stage, and hasn't returned ever since.

Legacy Edit

The incident with Sapphire created a general community guideline for new alliances; the new alliance had to have a exclusive board, IRC channel and charter.