Nations can offer each other trades for resources and money by initializing a trade on the recipient's nation screen. Trades will require resources, money, and infrastructure.

Initiating a trade Edit

To trade with another nation, you must be viewing their nation page. At the top of the page, between "Message" and "War" is the link that says "Trade." Clicking that link will lead you the New Trade Agreement page. Here you will be able to choose which resources you will be exporting and importing, how much of each, whether it is for a single trade or a continuous trade, and whether or not money will be involved. The amount you can transfer is limited to the capacity of the trade vehicle you choose, and you may only have one trade per nation. If they are in a different trade sphere, there will be a fine for trading. Once you click the "Offer Trade" button, the recipient will receive a message notifying them of the trade request.

Trades Screen Edit

From the trades screen under the International tab you can oversee and manage all of your current trade offers, change your trade sphere, and purchase new trade vehicles. The trades labeled as Exports are trades offered by you to other nations, while trades labeled Imports are trades offered by other nations to you. To cancel a trade offer, simply click Cancel under the Status column.

Trade Spheres Edit

There are currently four trade spheres. They are the African Union (AU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), European Union (EU), and North American Union (NAU). There are no penalties for not being in a trade sphere. However, there is a €500,000 penalty for trading with someone of a different trade sphere.

Trade Vehicles Edit

The amount of resources you can send to a nation depends on the method of transportation you select. Currently, there are four ways to send resources, each of which have their own prerequisites and corresponding infrastructure requirements.

  • Truck - $100,000 (Requires Truck Depot, Takes 1 day, Capacity: 200 units)
  • Freight Train - $5,000,000(Requires Freight Yard, Takes 8 hours, Capacity: 2,000 units)
  • Cargo Jet - $30,000,000 (Requires Airport, Takes 1 hour, Capacity: 1,000 units)
  • Container Ship - $30,000,000 (Requires Seaport, Takes 2 days, Capacity: 50,000 units)

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